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Using bolts instead of welding in elevator rail guide brackets


Benefits of the bolted connection;

It is possible to correct without damaging the integrity of materials due to defects resulting from improper manufacture.

The bolt-nut couple is subjected to shear stress under load. The bolts are standardised manufacture and their resistance varies according to the following criteria


resistance criteria for bolts

3.6     4.6     4.8     5.6     5.8     6.6     6.8     6.9     8.8     10.9     12.9     12.9    14.9 

Here, the first digit indicates 1/100 of the tensile strength of the bolt material in N / mm2

1/10 of the two-digit product represents the yield strength of bolts in N / mm2


An economical solution
The use of standard fasteners facilitates work in terms of engineering calculations and also offers economical solutions since its production is based on mass production.

No further action is necessary
No additional stress or distortion occurs in the bolted connection material. It does not weaken the material and does not require any additional treatment.

Fast and convenient
An old bolt can be easily replaced.

Load resistance criterion
The bolted connection does not react unexpectedly under load. You can achieve the desired resistance with the right choice.

Safer during an earthquake
In the event of an earthquake, the bolted fasteners withstand the stress it moves without ductile tear around the oblong holes, rather than breaking suddenly, like welding.


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