Production of Elevator Rail Brackets
and Metal Angles

By focusing on the production of Elevator Rail Connection Brackets since 1979, it has realized the firsts in the world.

Elevator Mounting Brackets
With Side Counterweight

EMA, which has been producing side weight compartments for 41 years, has produced dozens of models in this regard.

EMA Elevator Over 40 Years of Experience

Established in 1979, Eren Makina is one of the leading Companies with 3500 m2 closed area, latest technology, more than 30 machine tracks and high-tech mold houses of the elevator industry.

EMA Elevator has realized the firsts in the world by focusing its R&D studies mainly on Elevator Rail Connection Brackets and has inspired other companies in its sector. Having a customer portfolio of more than 1300 in Turkey and abroad, EMA has proven its leadership in the sector in elevator consoles.

  • More than 1300 happy customers around the world Innovative,
  • Patented solutions domestic and national,
  • International brand
  • Industry-specific innovation continuous improvement
About Us

Elevator Mounting Brackets

As a result of our long R&D studies, we offered the most practical assembly elevator console into service at the cheapest price. With the durable, long-lasting, easy-to-install Ahtopot series elevator consoles, you will keep the quality at the highest level while profiting from the cost and time.

As EMA Elevator family;

Our biggest goal is to gain more -happy customers- in Turkey and in the world by maintaining our leading position in elevator rail connection consoles.

Hydraulic Elevator Rail Guide Bracket Hk-10.
Hydraulic Elevator Rail Guide Bracket Hk-10

Used to connect the guide of hydraulic elevator rails. The HK-10 model, is compatible with the T90-T89-T70 elevator guide rails.

FTL Rail Fixing For L-Shaped Lift Case.
FTL Rail Fixing For L-Shaped Lift Case

The common feature of elevator rail fasteners and fasteners and L-frame elevators is that the counterweight guides and car rails are connected on a single 240, 320mm angle iron or back to back.